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Sunday, October 19, 2014


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Okay, postings have been a bit sporadic but rest assured that in the coming days a detailed report with photos will be provided as there are an array of exciting developments on the road. I also want to share a few information about interesting restaurants and attractions discovered on our fall 2014 adventure.
At this time the schedule and technical difficulties only allow for a brief summary.
Lets see, after leaving Lake of the Ozarks we rolled south to pick up Route 66 just to the west of Devils Elbow. We were looking for some fall color to dress up a few photos, and were also evaluating a GPS based Route 66 tour program.
It was a leisurely drive through stunning landscapes. Indicative of just how leisurely the drive was is the fact that we made the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba just after three in the afternoon; about 130 miles in five hours that included a pleasant lunch at the Route 66 Diner.
Shortly after arrival the Route 66 family reunion that included Dean Kennedy, Frank Kocevar, Mike and Sharon Ward, my dearest friend, Joe Sonderman, and a few others moved to Missouri Hick Barbecue. Laughter, stories, and good food set the mood for the rest of the evening.
The Wagon Wheel Motel was ground zero for a birthday party for Joe Loesch of the Road Crew, vintage cars, a bonfire, and warm cider to keep the fall chill at bay. It was the type of event that exemplifies the essence of a gathering of Route 66 enthusiasts.
On Saturday morning, after breakfast at Shelly's (excellent!) with Mike and Sharon War, Jane Reed, and my dearest friend, we moved to the main event. Simply put, if Norman Rockwell organized events, Cuba Fest would be his baby.
What a wonderful day! To top off a spectacular day there was dinner, the music of the Road Crew, wine, and friends at the Belmont Winery east of town.
Sunday started with coffee, fresh pumpkin bread, and inspirational conversation shared with Connie Echols, the proprietor at the Wagon Wheel Motel. Then it was off to Route 66 State Park for my presentation at their annual open house, and a meeting with Tommy Pike of the Missouri Route 66 Association, Rich Dinkela, Joe Sonderman, and Mike Ward.
We are closing out the day, and the weekend, at the Munger Moss in Lebanon, after another tremendous dinner, and wonderful conversation shared with Bob and Ramona Lehman. ,

Friday, October 17, 2014


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Last evenings post was a bit truncated but it had been very long day and I was behind on correspondence.
The drive from Tucumcari northeast on U.S. 54 will never make a top ten list for scenic wonders. Still, there is a stark beauty to the featureless hills that roll toward the distant horizon like swells on the sea.
Dalhart is a bustling community but it has a feel of a rough and tumble, worn at the heal sort of place. Guymon was just the opposite and we enjoyed a pleasant lunch with the locals at Marla's.
We crossed into Kansas at Liberal, and rolled across the high plains on our eastward journey. For years my dearest friend and I have had a running joke about the world's largest hand dug well at Greensburg. That joke continues.
On my last visit the well was in a little park covered by a wood shingled gazebo. Now it is housed in a stunning shrine, that closed ten minutes before we arrived.
Greensburg itself is no joke. The community was almost erased by a tornado several years ago but they had the grit to pull together and rebuild.
By the time we made Pratt, the landscape had transformed into a beautiful green tapestry dotted with interesting old towns peppered with an array of architectural gems. Wait until you see the photos of the theater at Iola!
The late day ended at El Dorado just east of Wichita. Dinner was a simple affair of microwave food from Walmart, and a couple of beers.
The following morning kicked off with a hearty breakfast at the El Dorado Chop House and a stop at the oil museum that dominates a beautiful park. The next stop was to explore historic Fort Scott, the city as well as the military outpost. This should be added to every adventurers list.
From Fort Scott we rolled through the Ozarks with a stop for lunch at El Dorado Springs, and stops to take in the fall covers. The days destination was the Waters Edge Motel at Gravois Mills on the Lake of the Ozarks, a special treat for my dearest friend and an opportunity to visit with our friends Bob and Robin.
This is a short but scenic drive north of Route 66 and if time allows it should be added to a list of detours. Stunning scenery, an excellent dinner, and wonderful conversation rounded a perfect day of adventure on one of America's wonderful two lane highways through the heartland.
Today, we head south, pick up Route 66 near the Devil's Elbow, and head for the festivities at Cuba. 


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